Website Wednesday!

The website I’d like to share with you all this week has been an extremely helpful tool in my recent travels throughout Thailand. The Man in Seat 61 is a website created by Mark Smith to help travelers. Having traveled quite extensively himself from his home base in London via train, he decided that he would share his knowledge and create a website providing a user-friendly informational guide to rail travel around Europe. The site’s popularity snowballed, leading him to expand upon the information even further. Now, he has comprehensive public transit information, including buses and ferries, for all over the world.

crazy bus traffic in Bangkok

The reason this site has been so useful to me personally is because it has provided an excellent interactive map of different modes of transport available. Having not planned my trip in Thailand, the visual display of my options helped me to decide on routes. It also provides estimations of prices, helpful links, tips for traveling these routes and a means to purchase tickets and passes. The site is comprehensive, easy to navigate, detailed and a first-hand account of international travel (via land). Thank you Mark!


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