where to watch the Super Bowl in Auckland

Being an American football fan in New Zealand is quite difficult. No one understands the sport or why we enjoy sitting for 3 hours only to watch about 20 minutes of real action. And when I think of it that way, I’m not really sure I understand myself.

From September to January, most of my Mondays were spent dealing with sleep depravity, combined with the euphoric feeling of victory (and the rare moments of depression when my men in blue couldn’t bring home the W).


When the Super Bowl came around, I was getting nervous about having to call in a sick day at work to watch a choppy version of the game streaming online to my tiny laptop. As luck would have it, the New York Giants championship game for Super Bowl XLVI fell on a New Zealand public holiday, unrelated to the American custom of consuming wings and beer.


The Americans in Auckland Meetup group had planned a Super Bowl party at The Brewery Britomart. Appropriately owned by an American, my Kiwi version of the Superbowl celebration was actually quite authentic. Fellow Giant fans littered the room, and I suavely persuaded those new to this tradition to give me their money in exchange for the right to put their initials in a box in hopes to win even more money. While the wings will never be as good as they are back home, it was one of the most fun Super Bowl parties I’ve been to.



The commercials are a far cry from being considered up to par to American standards, but much of the commercial time (and game time for that matter) consisted of consuming alcoholic beverages and friendly banter from the Kiwi rugby fans. That’s what YouTube is for anyway, I guess.


Where have you watched the Super Bowl while abroad? Did it meet American standards?

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