Website Wednesday: Why do I love KAYAK?

All this talk about Sleeping in Airports, how do we know the best way to get there? This week for Website Wednesday, it is all about airline deals. For those of you who have never heard of KAYAK, you have been seriously missing out on some great flight deals. (And no, there is no paddling involved!) There is a seemingly infinite amount of flight discount search engine websites, so what makes me choose KAYAK above all else? Let’s go through a quick run-down:

1. You seriously get the cheapest flight possible. KAYAK searches not only its own deals with airlines, but it also finds the best deals through other discount airline websites (like Expedia, Travelocity, etc.) and lists ALL results. You always know you are getting the best possible deal out there.

2. Price alerts. OMG without these price alerts, I seriously don’t know what I would have paid for my AKL-SYD flight. You set your preferences for the price alerts, including your route, how often you want to receive emails, and when you want the price alerts to stop. So if you are planning a trip somewhere but haven’t booked a flight yet, this is a great way to see the price trends and know the best time to buy your tickets.

3. When you find a flight you want to book on KAYAK, instead of paying KAYAK, you are redirected to the actual source of the ticket. In some cases, it is the airline directly, whereas other cases send you to third party vendors. I have found that a majority of the time I book directly through the airline, which makes itinerary changes so much more hassle-free than going through third party companies.

4. As with most other flight-booking websites, there are other deals here as well. If you need to book a hotel or rental car, KAYAK has the tools to do so. Not much of a planner myself, I have never personally used these services. But I’m sure they would come in handy for those of you who don’t like too much spontaneity in your travels!

KAYAK also has a fantastic mobile app, which is available on iPhones, iPads, Androids, the Kindle and Windows operating systems. All this talk about flying is making me restless…


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