Website Wednesday: Sleeping in Airports

Layovers are not fun. When trying to find the silver lining to a 20-hour layover, the only thing I can ever think of is “free night’s accommodation.” However, we no longer have to look at layovers as a punishment sentence, thanks to this website, Sleeping in Airports.  A website created in 1996, it is a collection of information about all the airports worldwide.  There are ratings systems, airport guides, user reviews and even information on some ferry and train and bus terminals. The best thing about this website is the information on how to make the most of spending the night in the airport.

at Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, Jordan

Sleeping in Airports finds the quietest and darkest terminals with the most comfortable lounge chairs for travelers to go and get some shut-eye. And once you are done sleeping, you can check out some of the other activities and facilities at the airport, as suggested by the site. Their Twitter also provides up-to-the-minute information and is updated regularly. I only wish that I would have taken it as a sign when I could find no information about the Haikou airport in China. Perhaps I would have spared myself this nightmare.

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