How to Live Abroad: Website Wednesday!

People are constantly asking me for my tips and resources for how to live abroad. I move from country to country, from job to job, and go wherever my financials will allow. There are certain luxuries and conveniences of living at home that are harder to come by when abroad. The most useful tools I find are usually through that website most know as Google.

So, every Wednesday, I will supply my readers with a new website which will help them when trying to figure out how to live abroad. These websites can be anything from resources in my job searches, ways to get free shipping, travel deals, anything that I find useful and worth sharing. I also hope that others can send me some useful links and tips on how to live abroad that they have found useful for themselves!

So, for the first week of this feature, the star is the UK Book Depository. I LOVE this website. It is basically a website where you can buy books. You can create a profile and put a watch on certain books in order to be alerted when the prices go down. They also email special deals and contests if you subscribe to the list. Pretty simple.

Now how does this help when trying to figure out how to live abroad comfortably? Having lived in the corner of the world, New Zealand, for ten months, it was a struggle to order various products online without paying an arm and a leg for shipping and handling. The remoteness of New Zealand in comparison to the rest of the world means astronomically high prices on EVERYTHING, including books. Since I am such a nerd and have such a huge love and passion for reading (and, let’s be honest, without books I wouldn’t know how to live abroad), I searched and searched for affordable ways to hoard more novels. This search led me to the Book Depository. Why is it such a gem? Two words: FREE SHIPPING. Not only do they ship anywhere for free, and in a reasonable time frame, but the Book Depository will also convert their prices to the currency of your choice. So not only do you avoid high shipping prices, but also those annoying currency conversion rates inflicted by the banks.

Have no fear book lovers, the Book Depository makes sure you know how to live abroad and still get all your favorite books!

So, if you are having a hard time finding books in your language or at a reasonable price, UK Book Depository is the place to go.

Does anyone have any other websites or resources on how to live abroad?


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