how to survive Ephesus

Avoid suffering the same unfortunate fate as the citizens of this ancient city and perishing in the summer sun. Here are some ways to stay cool and comfortable while enjoying Ephesus to the fullest:

1. Bring water. LOTS of water. At least a liter of water is necessary. There are no vendors once inside the city gates, so it is important to bring enough to hydrate yourself for the whole span of the city. One of my favorite tricks is to freeze my water bottles the night before so that I have cold water all day.
2. Start at the Upper Gate. This way, your whole walk will be downhill. Trust me, you do NOT want to walk uphill under those blazing rays of the sun which hover all around you relentlessly.
3. Dress appropriately. This includes lightweight and lightly colored clothing, sneakers, hat, sunglasses. As this is not a religious site, it is not necessary to worry about covering shoulders/knees/etc. Also, the ground is uneven so it would be very smart to wear comfortable shoes.
4. Wear sunscreen. Opportunities for shade are few and far between here, so sunscreen will be the only barrier from the sun baking your skin to a crisp.
5. Get off the beaten path. There are tons of things to see off of the main avenue by which everyone travels. The ancient city’s piping system can be seen, as well as other interesting sites like the pleasure house, the amphitheatres, and the latrine.

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