saying goodbye to piha

So this post is a dedication to one of my favorite West Coast Auckland beaches, Piha Beach.

It was time for me to bid my farewell to the black sanded, lazy beachy surf town, as I don’t think I’ll be back there again. Very bittersweet because that means that my travels are coming up but my time in New Zealand is ticking away more quickly than I would hope. After spending the day on the black sand beach next to Lion’s Rock, I journeyed over to Karekare to have a look at an absolutely beautiful waterfall.

I am so dumbstruck at the number of waterfalls in this country. They are everywhere you turn it seems. Anyway, the 5 minute hike to the falls was expectedly uneventful and easy. Of course I was surrounded by the usual beautiful scenery which I seem to have come to take for granted at this point.Sigh.

this is where i want to live


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