I spent a week in Sydney to ring in the New Year at the world’s largest fireworks display. Aside from the fireworks at the Harbor Bridge, I left Australia with an impression that Sydney is full of overrated disappointments. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy my time there and that I wish I hadn’t gone, but I have to say that the “highlights” of Sydney were certainly lackluster. To sum up my week in Oz I have picked a few of my favorite pictures from the high points of my trip:

  • The Botanical Gardens: exotic birds everywhere, beautiful flowers, the coolest drinking fountain my lips have ever tasted.
  • The Chinese Garden of Friendship: my first encounter with Australian wildlife, pretty gardens, waterfalls, and weeping willow trees dripping their leaves into the serene ponds. How spiritual
  • Paddy’s Market: the most hilarious market with genuine high-quality products, also where I splurged for my $10 massage
  • The Blue Mountains: I was expecting this grand display of natural landscape; what I got was the Three (Forgettable) Sisters. However, there was a beautiful waterfall. I will post these pictures in a seperate post because this thing is not easy to navigate.
  • Bondi to Coogee Cliff Walk: exhausting, but beautiful views of the cliffs along the water and the totally overcrowded/overrated beaches (particularly Bondi and Coogee). There were swimming pools at the beaches though which was definitely cool.
  • Eating Kangaroo at the Rocks: Disguising it in pizza did not succeed in tricking my tastebuds. Kangaroo is totally not my cup of tea, but now I can cross it off my bucket list
  • Manly Beach: Manly was just a short ferry ride away, and it was FULL of surfers and far more enjoyable than Bondi with all of its shops and restaurants
  • The Fireworks: The best and most impressive part of the trip. Aside from getting in line at 8 am to stake out our spot and waiting for the fireworks 16 hours later.
  • The Flight Home: The best part because I couldn’t wait to get back to New Zealand!

So that pretty much sums up Sydney for me. I’m in no particular rush to go back. Happy to be back in the land of the long white cloud.

4 thoughts on “sydney

  1. Wow – I am not sure what to say! I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And home is where the heart is… I hope you managed to sample some of Sydney’s amazing coffee?! Did you walk over the Harbour Bridge? Did you see the fans of the Opera House up close?

    • Sorry! I hope I didn’t offend you 🙂 Coffee was definitely good, although I am not a coffee drinker myself. No, I did not walk over the Harbour Bridge, which I now am realizing was a huge mistake. And I did see the fans of the Opera House up close and have to admit they were pretty awesome! I guess that my high expectations were the culprit to my not so awesome impression of Sydney overall.

      • No, no offense really 🙂 I think as you travel more, you learn to recognise the beauty of a place and just put aside any expectations. After all, it is home to someone and if you put yourself in their shoes, you may see things in a more optimistic way. That’s juts my two cents and I try and practice it myself. Have fun on your travels!

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