a kiwi christmas

Just a quick note about how my first Kiwi Christmas and first Christmas away from home was different:

1. No one was exceptionally loud.

2. There were less than 20 people.

3. Everyone bought a gift for everyone, so they missed out on the REAL fun of our Christmas game.

4. I didn’t have to laugh at anyone’s corny jokes.

5. I didn’t make any corny jokes.

6. I went to the beach. In a bathing suit. And I was hot.

7. I had pavlova for dessert.

8. We ate pumpkin as a side dish rather than a dessert.

9. There were no new babies or baby bumps to ooh and ahh at.

10. Pies in New Zealand contain meat.

11. There was definitely not way too much food.

12. There were three desserts. Yes, three.

13. There was no behind-the-scenes bargaining and deal-making going on trying to get that number one gift.

14. The buffet didn’t even take up the whole table.

15. No one went up for seconds. Or thirds.

16. Everyone was on time.

17. It was summer.

18. No crepes for breakfast.

19. My family wasn’t there! Which made me realize that I have the BEST family in the world and I hope to be able to be back for the Sheehan Christmas Eve celebration next year.

Now I am off to Sydney for a week of beachin’ and boozin’. Also very different from what my New Year’s Eve would be like back in the States. This post was for all the aunts and uncles and cousins whom I love and miss so very much ❤

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