it smells like farts

Three girls and I went to Rotorua for the weekend after my birthday. It’s about 3 hours southeast of Auckland in the Bay of Plenty region. When I told people about my plans, the first response I’d get usually: “are you ready for the smell?” Because of all the natural geysers and all that junk, it smells like rotten eggs. So you can fart all you want and no one will know it. Just blame it on the sulphur. Anyway, the main reason we went was because I want to raft the Kaituna River, but that was such an experience in itself that I will have to post about that seperately since I know lengthy blog posts are not what anyone wants to read. Other than the rafting, we did the typical tourist nonsense consisting of sight-seeing, hiking, and checking out the local bar scene. All of which were certainly not disappointing. The Sunday that we were there, we began our day with a hike around Blue Lake (guess how it got its name).   The hike was cool. A bit overrated by those who recommended it to us but still worthwhile. There was lots of bush and of course silver ferns. And it was a nice way to lead into the next excursion we had planned for the day, which included giving our aching and hungover bodies some much needed TLC.

So after our hike we went to an off the beaten track spot called Kerosene Creek. Appropriately named, it is a creek that has flowing hot water. It felt like a jacuzzi in the middle of the woods. It was very neat. However, as I was about to jump off the waterfall thing, I learned that there are these disgusting things that swim up through your nose if you submerge it and give you amoebic meninigits. Totally gross and I had a few sleepless nights after that thinking there were these micro organisms eating my brain. I’m still here though so that’s a good sign. It was beautifullll though. As everything is in New Zealand I guess.

you can't tell but i'm struggling to hold on here


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