surfing at danger beach

Once again, thanks to GrabOne, my favorite daily deals website, my German friend Marie and I were able to snag cheap surfing lessons at the legendary Muriwai Beach. At less than an hour drive away from Auckland, it really feels like worlds away. There it is just above Waitakere. Muriwai Beach is famous for a few things:

the gannets (birds which look like seagulls),

black sand beaches,

and its dangers (riptides and sharks included).

Ok so, admittedly that last point and the trailer for the TV show are a bit dramatic, and shark attacks are relatively rare, but the currents really are dangerous there and upon first glance of the waves before our lessons, I told Marie that she was on her own and I’d watch her from the safety of the dunes. However, I decided I couldn’t let her face the force of the Pacific alone, so I changed my mind after a bit of coaxing from the staff at Muriwai Surf School. After mustering up the guts to do it and the strength to put on those damned wet suits, I was as ready to go as I’d ever be. Looking sexy in our surfing outfits, we had a quick briefing about safety and the basics of surfing, and we were off.

I quickly learned that surfing does not come very naturally to me, especially after my very helpful (and good-looking may I add) instructor pushed me into a huge 6-foot wall of salty force of nature which pummelled me face first into the sand below me.

I looked like a wet dog grasping for life at the end of that wave. I was sure to get his number after that act of grace haha. Anyway, the day turned out to be an awesome learning experience for surfing, as well as a good workout which I learned the next day as I got out of bed like a grandma.

We rounded up the day with a short walk around the beach to see the birds, the cliffs, and more of the beach.

All in all, it was an awesome experience and beautiful sight-seeing. GrabOne has recently taken the hint and put up more surf lessons, so I will be a pro in no time I’m sure. Unless I get eaten by a shark first.

1 thought on “surfing at danger beach

  1. OMG Alex…. you ARE scaring me with some of these “adventures” Please, please, please, please please…. be careful .. ha ha ha..Is that REALLY possible on these outings??
    Lve ya and miss you. Hope you enjoyed your BIRTH-day!


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