climbing down waterfalls

This trip to Thames in the Coromandel was also the day that I thought I would plummet to my death.

It was about an hour and half drive from Auckland.

Thanks to a great deal I found online, I was able to get a $300 canyoning package for about half that price. Little did I know what I was truly getting myself into. The day was an excursion to do the “Sleeping God Canyon,” (more details: includes a hike to the top of a mountain with our journey to the bottom consisting of abseiling/reppeling, ziplining, and cliff jumping. I was very excited about this and was more than ready to have a blast.

naivety at its finest

After putting on the smelly gear, we began our trek. This supposedly 40-minute hike was definitely way longer than that and consisted mostly of steep and uneven stairs. I thought I was going to die.

the not so strenuous beginning of our journey

Once we got to the top, we got all of our gear on and situated, and it was time for our practice run on the “little” cliff. Little my ass. I was like omg if this is a small practice run I have no idea what the hell I’m about to get into. The worst part was the only way down was to suck it up and abseil or wait 5 hours or more for a rescue helicopter. I was very close to thinking that the latter of those choices was the more sensible one. Butttt I ended up doing just fine (although rather slow) going down the waterfalls.

this waterfall was only 30 meters. yes ONLY

The biggest one was 60 meters. 60 fucking meters. Once we got to the bottom and I kept looking back up that waterfall and was like damn, how the hell did I make it straight down that without becoming a pile of skin and bones at the bottom.

ziplining, or as they call it in New Zealand, the "Flying Fox"

The scariest thing about it was the beginning. After getting locked into the ropes, you have to totally trust the gear and lean back like you are sitting in a chair. Except in place of the chair is a waterfall. Going straight down. For a long time. Despite this high level of fear factor, I did manage to have a few solitary moments to look around and take in the scenery in between my crazy leaps of faith.

yes i hiked to the top of that mountain and abseiled down its waterfalls and jumped off a few of its cliffs

It was simply stunning. The green mountains with the huge white waterfalls raining down into deep blue pools were unlike anything I’ve ever seen in person.

these outfits were very flattering. tight ass.

It was so amazing!   Glad to say that I made it out alive and the feeling of accomplishment and total domination of that canyon was unmatched by anything I’ve ever done.

i don't know these girls. they were on the tour too. the mexican tried to kill me on one of the waterfalls. she was really bad.

if that face doesn't say domination i don't know what does

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