Waitomo Caves

So this past weekend, four girls and I took a 2 and a half hour road trip south to go see the caves in Waitomo. We got there a little early, so we decided to do a quick hike in the woods, where we tramped up to some awesome views of the countryside. Then, we did our Black Water Rafting tour through the caves for approximately 2 hours. We were about 215 feet underground donning very sexy wetsuits and helmets with flashlights. It was absolutely amazing. The main thing to see under the caves are these glow worms. They look like blue Christmas lights under the caves. It was breathtaking. When we first got into the freezing cold water (about 10-14 degrees Celsius), one of the tour guides asked me if I wanted to meet one of his friends. Sure enough, his friend was a freaking eel. It was so gross and we had to go in the same water as the eel. Lord knows how many eels were actually in the water, but luckily I only saw one and I’d like to think that was the only one in there. Anyway, afterwards we stayed at a local hostel and decided to go to the local bar to celebrate one of my friends’ birthdays. It felt like I was back in West Virginia, minus the accents, because of how country and hillbilly it was. All in all, the caves are definitely the coolest thing I’ve done so far =]. Tomorrow, I am off to Queenstown to do some snowboarding and make my first trip to the South Island with my host family.

2 thoughts on “Waitomo Caves

  1. You’re right, sexy wetsuits!!!N LOL!! Looks like an awesome time. I’m so glad you’re having so much fun and taking advantage of all New Zealand has to offer. Have fun snowboarding, keep in touch! Love you, ❤ Mom xoxoxox


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