Rangitoto Island

So yesterday (sunday) 4 of my friends and I decided to take a ferry to Rangitoto Island (the island I have a view of from my bedroom). it is the largest active volcano in Auckland and it is about 600 years old. its dormant right now clearly, but it was really cool because there were black lava rocks everywhere. anyway, our plans changed a bit when my host family so generously offered to give us a ride there on their very large yacht, so we didn’t have to pay for the ferry ride which was awesome and we also got a private ride which was even more awesome. they also picked us up when we were done. when we got there we decided to hike straight up to the top which wasn’t so bad at first, but then it got super steep and let’s just say my gluteus maximus got a serious workout that day. it was really worth it when we got to the top though because the 360 degree views of the city and other outlying islands were absolutely stunning. on the way down we decided to take a detour to the lava caves where we had lunch. we went through one of the lava caves and it was super lame, and then we came across another one which turned out to be a lot longer, darker, and scarier. at one point it was completely pitch black. it was reallyyyy awesome though and it turned out to be an awesome day of hiking with some beautiful weather and sight seeing with the girls (except for sara who went to fiji) and it was all free! =]


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