this is not Jurassic Park

Today was my introduction to the wonderous Waitaks, the Waitakere Ranges. Rumored to swallow up hikers, never be seen again, it was quite good that this was an event hosted by my employment agency. Approximately 40 minutes west of Auckland City, it feels like a whole other world, a scenery very reminiscent of Jurassic Park, minus the sneezing dinosaurs and hungry carnivores. The short 40 minute hike led us to a dam which was supposed to have waterfalls and such, but unfortunately the water levels were too low (very weird for New Zealand!) Regardless, the scenery was spectacular,and the mountains were lined with lush green carpets of leaves and mosses. After our not-so-grueling hike which unfathomably left some of the girls huffing and puffing, we headed to Elevation Cafe which offered pizzas and other over-priced food typical of this country. However, the view of the city was worth it. Or I should say views. When we left the restaurant, we were treated to one which rivaled that of the city skyline. This time, the view was much more hairy and much more white, as we were mooned by some Kiwi gentlemen (ok, maybe not gentlemen). Nothing like a grand finale of some authentically Kiwi sights.

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